Our mission is to "Refuel America" with high-quality biodiesel products made from renewable resources for the benefit of our country, our environment, and our community. Plain and simple.


Our Philosophy

BiofuelsUSA is a family-owned company that produces high quality biodiesel products from renewable sources such as excess soybean oil and waste vegetable oil (WVO). Our operations benefit not only the farmers that supply us and the consumers who greatly appreciate our lower prices, but they also benefit our country and our environment. We are happy to help create jobs and foster new careers in America's "Green Economy", while reducing our country's needless dependence on foreign oil. Every gallon of fuel that we can produce right here in this country is one less gallon that we need to buy from those foreign regimes that do not understand or appreciate the freedoms that we, as Americans, hold so close to our hearts. Unfortunately, most of the oil that America currently uses comes from people, who do not like us, that live in places whose names we cannot pronounce. In contrast, our production facility is located in the beautiful High Hill, Missouri and we can't wait to see you!

Our Family

We are a family owned business, and we are very fortunate to have a great group of individuals working with us. Our production staff, office staff, and transportation staff are our family. Check back here for pictures and bios of the people who make it happen here everyday!